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Training is expensive.

Quality training is hard to find.

Finding work in the security contracting world isn’t easy.

Finding the right operators for the right job is always easier said than done. 

We’re Veterans. We’ve been there.  

We’re fed up with overpriced and weak sauce training. We’re tired of the apathetic hiring managers and unresponsive human resource departments.  


That’s why we created Condition One. We’re a no-nonsense group of Marines, soldiers, sailors, coasties and law enforcement professionals dedicated world-class training and subject matter expert recruiting.  

Whether you are a Veteran seeking employment, a defensive-minded citizen, or a 2nd Amendment-loving patriot looking to improve your skills, we offer a host of unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Be a part of the Condition One revolution. Join us for the most innovative and inspiring initiative on American soil.